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Posted by beyondtechniques on May 9, 2011 at 11:32 AM

It's a new day for me, and a new way of being must follow. A few weeks back, I was really bothered with a co-workers behavior toward me. I got so upset that I wanted to energetically blast him a new rectal sphincter!

Which got me to thinking, how many times have I been here before, in the same palce, with the same people, feeling the same angst, thinking the same putrid thoughts, living in the exact same chemicals?

Way too many, that's what...I have had an asshole in my life, or a few, every step of the way. It's far and above time to remove whatever energetic signature that is in me that is attracting these people so I can live in my happy place every day!

I asked my friend Barb Thomas to do a Quantum Chart clearing for me (if you want her to do one for you, email me your info and I'll pass it along...). Here is what it looked like:

Subject: quantum session


April 24, 2011


We thank the Universe for going straight to the seed thought that caused continued/repeat attraction of the ego based "Ass Hole" personality archetypes into the life and times of Lisa for all times.

We ask that it be ultimately and completely Released, Removed, Detached, Ejected....Shield! from the beginning of time to infinity and beyond.


We thank the Universe for Lisa knowing that she is Loveable and perfectly deserving of all her relationships being centered in the wholeness of Heart energy and Love.

We give thanks and declare it is Restored, Rejuvenated, Remembered, Experienced, Reintegrated to perfect balance through the highest frequency possible for Lisa at this time.

place of origin - emotional, psychological



Pain - pressure-numbness-tingling, swelling/water retention,

Tissue - nerve endings to skin, fascia, soft tissue, scar tissue,

Allergies - pollen/tree/grass, pollutants, sugar, animals

Internal - spinal cord, spinal fluid,

Spine - clear C-4. T-7, 9, 10. Sacrum.

Lymphatic - clear Urinary/Bladder, Small Intestine.



*I deserve punishment, I'm not worthy of ........., he/she had an affair, Unwillingness to heal



Guilt/Shame, Inflexibility, Overwhelmed, Jealousy/Insecurity, Powerless, Betrayal, Confusion.

* Emotional Restore - Peace/Calm, Wholeness, Hope.



Impulsive Behavior.

Phobias - heights, injury, agora phobia, being away.


release seed thought/restore balance/function.

Acupuncture Meridians - Gall Bladder, Spleen, Governing, Circulation/Pericardium.

Dimensional - release/clear - Curses (4) Spells (7)

Restore - Purpose.

Release - Emptiness.

Past Life Connections:

*Thirteen Past Lives were Released & Transformed to Infinity and Beyond.



Money, Abandonment, Change, Disappointment, Abuse, Loosing Mind, Dependency.

Earth Bound Connections:

Released/Removed - Limitations<>Phobias/Fears, Trauma<>Karma, Trauma<>Limitations

Detox - Mineralization, Cellular Wastes.

Central Nervous System - Preservatives, Waste product chemicals.

Immune System - Restore Nitrogen, HGH-growth hormones production, distribution, transport, strong clear lymph.

Nerve/Nerve Junction - regenerate the nerves myelin sheath to - organ, gland, receptor sites.

Endocrine - restore Pineal, Adrenals L & R,

Immune - Reset Spleen, Immune Response.

Lymphatic Congestion - released/cleared - feet, urinary/bladder, small intestine.

*Limbic System - contains 9 separate structures associated with Survival Instincts, Behaviors, Memory and Emotion. Of the nine, 3 were reset to balance & function.

*Color Frequencies Restored:

ORANGE - changes sexual energy and enhances the immune system. Good for all organs in the second chakra region. Increases your ambition.

DARK BLUE - Brings in a strong sense of purpose.

Detox time for this session is 15 days. During detox please drink at least 7 eight ounce glasses of water daily.

The Quantum chart will continue to run for a full 25 days to allow full integration of the work.

Lisa, If, at the end of the 25 days you feel that more work is needed, just tell me and we can go on. I felt you were receptive and ready to let go of the frequency's that have drawn the negative, abusive personalities into your life. Stay alert and aware if that vibration starts to come back in. The ego is working very hard right now to keep us stuck in our own personal muck & mire.

So, after this chart began, it was revealed to me that the "asshole signature" was downloaded into my cellular structure via my mother pre-birth. That's the seed thought, that my father was an asshole, and almost every man I've ever met has been one, too.

The book Spontaneous Evolution really talks about how it's not your brain that controls your life, it's the receptor sites on your cell membranes that rule the experience! Everytime we have an emotion, it produces a specific set of neurochemicals, then then produce thoughts. These neurochems fill our cells through specified receptor sites like a lock and key, and ONLY that particlular cocktail can enter.

We are all ADDICTED to the chemicals we most produce- and just like a junkie, when we get low, our cells scream out for more! This is where we create our experiences, as this cellular tantrum emits vibrational frequencies that cause our environment to create whatever we need so that our emotions will kick up to produce what our cells are jonesing for!

I'm working on stopping the addiction, clearing off the receptor sites on my cell membranes, and producing ones for joy, peace, harmony, love abundance- the good stuff!

Follow my journey to learn how you too can change your destiny daily by altering your chemical addiction, allowing more light in your cells, and turning into a meta-human!

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Reply Susan
6:30 PM on October 25, 2012 
Wow that was really amazing Lisa... Loved the story and could really appreciate the energy clearing I received just from issues of my own that were similar... Thanks for writing... Susan